Cindi Weldon is a long-time educator originally from Seattle, Washington. She has spent thirty five years working in schools both in Seattle and Hawaii. After moving to Upcountry Maui, she became aware of the unique charm of the small towns in her neighborhood. Having discovered this area of Maui later in life, she was inspired to find a way to share the North Shore and upcountry with locals and tourists who may not have explored them fully. Using her education skills and love of food, she decided to create a tour that would benefit local merchants as well as visitors and locals. As part of her continuing education, she has taken classes in geography of Hawaii, Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian legends as well as classes sponsored by Slow Food Maui.

As part of fulfilling a childhood dream to help animals, she is dedicated to donating a significant portion of the profits of the company to local organizations supporting animal population control and animal welfare. She sees the touring company as a win-win for the community, visitors and local businesses. Her passion for food, people and diverse cultures will work towards helping the community and achieving a life-time goal.

A minimum of 10% of profits will be given to Maui animal welfare organizations